Date : 2010

Space for a Growing Family

Our brief for this location was to create a large family home for a growing family.

The site itself was a large section in a rural community, however, it came with an interesting challenge - a large knoll in the middle of the section. This feature meant either a considerable sum being spent on earthworks to remove and level the site, or using the feature to our advantage within the house design. 

We chose the later. The main living spaces were set on the top of the knoll, and then “falling down” either side were the children’s bedrooms to the west on one side and the parent master suite to the east on the other. 

The result is a home which sits comfortably on the land - a part of it, incorporating its natural features and contours, rather than erasing them to allow construction. 

Key Features

  • Family home on a rural section.
  • Incorporation of natural land features within the design.  

Location Notes

As with many of our designs, incorporating the setting is key to the way we work. Homes should become part of the land, and to that end, we work where we can to incorporate natural features and aspects - aspects which will give the finished home character and unique style.