Cooks Beach

Date : 2014

A New Phase for a Much-Loved Family Home

Our clients at Cooks Beach have owned the existing beach house for many years, and have enjoyed watching their family grow up in this gorgeous beachfront situation.

With the family grown, now it was time to embark on a new phase for this property, as they headed into retirement.

The land itself is generally flat, with the exception of the beachfront portion where it slopes up into the sand dunes. To take advantage of this aspect, we placed the main living area, master bedroom and one guest room on a level with of the top of the sand dunes where they would enjoy full sun and views out over the beach.

The living space itself is set right across the full width of the building, flowing seamlessly out to a covered deck with a fireplace, operable louvre roof and barbeque area.

The garaging entryway and other bedrooms, plus ancillary spaces, were placed on the ground floor for ease of access and functional use. 

Construction is about to commence, and we look forward to seeing this new phase of a much loved home come to fruition.


Key Features

  • Beachfront location with ocean views.  
  • Master bedroom and living areas designed to take in the view.  
  • Functional rooms below the line of the sand dunes add additional accommodation for family and guests. 

Location Notes

With a retired couple in residence, the main living and master bedroom spaces could be consolidated into a 'home within a home' on the upper storey - a level which looks out across Cooks Beach over the sand dunes. A guest bed on this floor allows visitors, while additional space below can accommodate those larger family gatherings.