Date : 2014

Hidden in the Pakiri Foothills

Sited on a spur in the foothills above Pakiri Beach, our brief was to create a family-oriented holiday home that could be shared by two families, either together or separately. 

The challenge presented to us, however, was not so much in creating this style of versatile home, but rather with the site itself. Positioned on the ridge, we wanted to create a recessive home that blended into the land rather than standing out upon it - allowing the home to take in the view looking out, without becoming part of it looking in.

We achieved this in the designs by setting the building below the spur line. The roof was not allowed to protrude above this line, and we used the angle of the spur to dictate the roof pitch. In doing so, we created a building that would be set against the hill rather than on it.

Unfortunately this project did not proceed to construction.

Key Features

  • Rural and ocean views.
  • A shared house with common spaces whilst retaining privacy for individual families.
  • A prominent location requiring a discrete construction.

Location Notes

The interesting challenge with this project lay in creating a discrete home which sat within its environment. Using natural features, such as the spur line in this instance, careful consideration of the site itself can reveal the design of the building. Our belief is building design should be bespoke to the site in this regard.